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Mar 4 2019

Mobile Internet

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Mobile Internet

The paradigm of a mobile operator is shifting. Cloud, SDN, and NFV are making it easier for providers to introduce new services quickly at scale and with compelling economics. Architectures that simplify, automate, and virtualize can help create and deliver services securely and efficiently. And with 5G around the corner, you will need to consider having a 5G-ready network foundation in place.
Cisco’s Mobile Internet can help you:

  • Boost agility to capture new revenue opportunities
  • Improve operations and provide a better customer experience
  • Prepare for 5G, IoT, and beyond with a unified enablement platform that integrates heterogeneous access, transport, core, services with end-to-end automation, management, orchestration, and security – across multi-vendor environments.
  • Take advantage of cloud efficiencies through separate control and data planes and dynamically deliver customized services through network slicing

Cisco’s Open Network Architecture for service providers is a comprehensive framework to make networks more open, flexible, and programmable. This approach consists of three functional layers: physical and virtual infrastructure. network abstraction. and applications and cloud-based services that are tightly integrated with security, policy, and analytics. It also leverages telemetry and automation to deliver an optimized, high-quality user experience to customers and self-healing to the network.

SON (self-optimizing network) harmonizes and optimizes network performance across architectures and between vendors. It helps mobile operators cut costs, improve the mobile experience, and reduce expenses by deploying more small cells. Activate new sites automatically, boost performance, and profit from the intelligence gathered from your radio network.

The inside story on small cells

Cisco is simplifying wireless access for enterprises, creating new opportunities for you. (Video – 1:38 min)

Cisco small cell technology delivers 3G and 4G services integrated with our Wi-Fi products for enterprise customers. (Video – 1:10 min)

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