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Mar 4 2019

Theocratic Software

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Theocratic Software

There are some other software applications available on the website. To mention a few:

Screenshot gallery: Click the thumbnail to view the gallery. Navigate through the screenshots by using the left/right arrow keys. Alternatively, hover the mouse of the left/right edges of the image and click.

(*) Note that you must be a member of the support forum to view this link. These utilities are for TMS Explorer .

I would like to thank the brothers and sisters who have devoted their time in translating these programs into other languages. This is by no means a trivial task, and it has opened up these programs to many more brothers. Please contact me if you would like to maintain a translation of these programs in other languages. I would also like to gratefully acknowledge that appTranslator (*) was provided free of charge. Without this product, language translation would have been much harder and time consuming. So thank you to the author of appTranslator (* no longer commercially available).

My intention in making these programs available is simply to make our assignments a bit easier to manage and to hopefully free up some time for other important matters. So if they do this for you, then they have achieved their purpose!

This website contains information only of interest to Jehovah s Witnesses. For official information see:

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